About Rebecca

Hi I'm Rebecca and I'm a Senior UX Designer with over 11+ years of industry experience focused in media. I am currently looking for my next challenge and adventure!

My career in design actually began with jewelry where I was drawn to the attention to detail required to create an interesting yet well built piece.  While learning this trade at FIT, I took an elective in Photoshop and quickly realized that while I loved jewelry (and still do today) the practicality of digital design was hard to ignore.  This prompted me to switch my major to Computer Animation and Interactive Media. I continued my education at NYU where I earned my Masters in Interactive Telecommunications.  This is where I discovered for the first time how visual ideas can be brought to life on screen. This guiding principle continues to drive me as UX designer today.  Digital products demand iteration and must constantly be improved to remain effective in the ever changing digital world.  This truly requires a "Ying & Yang" approach where I constantly balance the need to innovate with the need to effectively meet deadlines and the goals of the business.  While responsive design has helped streamline this the specific needs of each platform continue to drive my creativity.  Through this I have developed a passion for mobile.  No other screen demands the most out of every available pixel as this one does. 

I love that I'm in a career that is constantly evolving. I feel it is important to always be challenging yourself and learning.

In my down time you can see me traveling and trying new things. In the winter we are always on the hunt for some fresh snow to go snowboarding :)